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Respect your body. It's the only one you get.

Personal Training: Strength

Laura utilizes a machine called ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise). Get stronger, look better, live longer. The safest workout because it is never excessive and never underloaded. It adapts to the user every milli-second creating the most efficient workout every time. Less time in the gym. More time for what's important to you.

Personal Training: Corrective Movement

Claudia specializes in FMS (Functional Movement Screen) in order to play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Imagine living your life pain-free! Your movement screen will determine your program with precision and purpose designed to relax your tight muscles and engage the weak muscles so your body can move freely.

Your Life. Your World. Your Way.

The combination of resistance training with the ARX and the movement screen incorporating FMS will have you moving and feeling the best you've ever felt. Click below for the numerous health benefits this workout will provide.

"After a fall and using a cane to walk, I visited Indy Fitness Essentials. Claudia worked to get my muscles and ligaments to move without pain. It took awhile, but we were successful and I was able to walk comfortably and free of sciatic pain. Laura later solved my need to add strength to my upper body. Being elderly I want a strong core to keep me up and ambulating around my world-a goal in the future. All my needs are met here in short 30-minute periods." Jane-personal review

"I love the ARX training and Laura ensures you get a good well-rounded workout. Great core/cardio classes too. She really knows her stuff and personalizes workouts to meet your needs." Liz-Google review

"I am seeing results and feeling better everyday!" Mark-Google review

The possibilities are endless.


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